Cua Lo beach 'in a hurry' at dawn

(Baonghean) - Here is a big picture of Cua Lo fishermen dependent on seas for a living for a long time. Apr 30 and May 1 holiday is approaching, and a number of tourists are experiencing and enjoying this pace of life.

Waiting for boats to land.
A family collects nets in the early morning.
Round boats have just landed.
Happiness after a fruitful dawn.
Fish catched during an offshore night.
In recent days, a lot of tourists have visited and bought sea foods on Cua Lo beach.
Father and daughter collect nets.
Coming back.
Morning on the beach.
Locals sell sea foods to tourists right on the sand beach.

Photographers: Sach Nguyen - Minh Chau - Doan Hung

Translator: Phu Binh