Earning millions of dongs each day by using net to catch grasshoppers

(Baonghean.vn) - In addition to catching grasshoppers by hand net traditionally, people in Quynh Thanh commune, Quynh Luu, Nghe An have recently found a new catching method by using net, which helps them to earn millions of dongs each day.

The net is arranged to trap grasshoppers. This species breeds and develops mainly from July to September in paddy fields.
Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, who lives in Village 3, Quynh Thanh commune, said that this was the first season he used net to hunt grasshoppers, after realizing that this way was more effective than driving motorbike along the banks of paddy fields using hand net to catch them. Although the initial cost of buying tools was high (nearly 2 million dongs) but they could earn back such investment within only 1 day going catching, in case of good luck.
Before going catching, people often go around to make out locations of a large number of grasshoppers to arrange net. The net is usually set in shape of a 20-meter frame (like a football goal), then 2 people will hold the endpoints of the net rope and go driving grasshoppers into the frame. After grasshoppers get into the frame, they quickly fold the net to confine them before pouring them into a bag.
At present, in Quynh Thanh commune, there are about 20 households using this catching method. Each household’s capacity is about 400 kilograms per day and the trapped grasshoppers are to sell to traders. Hunting grasshoppers not only helps them earn more money but also prevent such species from damaging the crops.
Mr. Nguyen Van Linh traps nearly 20 kilograms of grasshoppers each day and sells them at the price of 40,000-50,000 dongs/kg, which means he can get nearly 1 million dongs per day for this work.

Reporter: Viet Hung

Translator: Hien Nguyen